The Vineland PAL currently has a boxing program in place with over 85 youths participate throughout the year. The boxing program participants range in age from 6 years of age to 18 years old. The Vineland PAL boxing program was instituted several years ago to teach our youth the importance of physical fitness and sportsmanship as well as providing a way for the youth to channel their energy in a positive way.

            The Vineland PAL program has always targeted the center city youth of our community because of the large percentage of at-risk youth that reside there. The boxing program is active Monday-Friday from 4:30PM to 9:00PM at our building. During the course of the year the Vineland PAL will sponsor several boxing shows in our city, so our youth can showcase their skills.


Jose Soto "BAZOOKA"

Bazooka was born and raised in Vineland, NJ. and has been boxing his whole life. He has had several professional fights. He was in trouble with the law but ever since he got involved with the PAL his life changed and has been helping the youth ever since.